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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Development of a system adapted for the diagnosis and evaluation of peroxisomal disorders by measuring bile acid intermediates川合, 裕規; カワイ, ヒロキ15-Feb-2023
Associations of plasma 25‐hydroxy vitamin D and dietary vitamin D intake with insulin resistance in healthy Japanese women小多, 沙知; コダ, サチ15-Feb-2023
Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Patients with Chronic Disorders of Consciousness宇佐見, 希子; ウサミ, ノリコ15-Feb-2023
Do Programme Coordinators Contribute to the Professional Development of Residents? An Exploratory Study青野, 真弓; アオノ, マユミ15-Feb-2023
Generation of Pmel-dependent conditional and inducible Cre-driver mouse line for melanocytic-targeted gene manipulationMorsheda Nasrin; モルシェダ ナスリン18-Jan-2023
Investigation of the Clinical Efficacy of 99mTc-Sestamibi Washout in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Comparison with Stress Myocardial Imaging with 99mTc-Sestamibi Using a Two-Day Protocol太田, 三恵子; オオタ, ミエコ18-Jan-2023
<Resignation>による森鷗外の創作力 : 「鷗外文話」から史伝まで林, 正子; ハヤシ, マサコ; HAYASHI, Masako2023
Ambiguous Tones in Cane: Jean Toomer's Eyes on the SouthKOBAYASHI, Ayumi; コバヤシ, アユミ; 小林, 亜由美2023
最小ドイツ語テスト(The Minimal German Test(MGT)) : 2022年実験結果フォン・フラクシュタイン, アレクサンドラ; フォン・フラクシュタイン, ハラルド; 牧, 秀樹; フォン・フラクシュタイン, アレクサンドラ; フォン・フラクシュタイン, ハラルド; マキ, ヒデキ; VON FRAGSTEIN, Alexandra; VON FRAGSTEIN, Harald; MAKI, Hideki2023
「地域未来牽引企業」は地域を「牽引」しているか : 両毛地域における「地域未来牽引企業」の事例分析宇山, 翠; ウヤマ, ミドリ; UYAMA, Midori2023
Correlations Between the Scores on the Two Paper-Based Versions of the MET and the Scores on the Two Versions of the MET Online with 3 Multiple Choice QuestionsMAKI, Hideki; ARAI, Kenji; SAITO, Masataka; マキ, ヒデキ; アライ, ケンジ; サイトウ, マサタカ; 牧, 秀樹; 新井, 謙司; 齊藤, 正高2023
Localization in Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss Vulnerable to Posture-Induced Intraocular Pressure Changes in Open-Angle Glaucoma真鍋, 佑介; マナベ, ユウスケ21-Dec-2022
Factors associated with recurrence of bleb-related infections小澤, 憲司; オザワ, ケンジ21-Dec-2022
Reduced dynamic loads due to hip dislocation induce acetabular cartilage degeneration by IL‑6 and MMP3 via the STAT3/periostin/NF‑κB axis中村, 寛; ナカムラ, ユタカ21-Dec-2022
Induction of iPSC-derived Prg4-positive cells with characteristics of superficial zone chondrocytes and fibroblast-like synovial cells佐竹, 崇志; サタケ, タカシ19-Oct-2022
Comparison of regional cerebral oxygen saturation during one-lung ventilation under desflurane or propofol anesthesia: A randomized trial林, 慶州; ハヤシ, ケイシュウ19-Oct-2022
Implementation of image processing and machine learning algorithms for green coffee bean image classificationHIRA LAL GOPE; ヒラ ラル ゴープ30-Sep-2022
An analysis and evaluation of spatiotemporal behaviour of people through Wi-Fi sensing dataZHOU GUANGHUI; シュウ コウキ30-Sep-2022
熱可塑性テキスタイルコンポジット成形用繊維状中間材料の開発および応用本近, 俊裕; モトチカ, トシヒロ30-Sep-2022
Visualization of Materials Penetration into Wood and Morpho-anatomical Analysis Using X-raysAYUNI NUR APSARI; アユニ ヌル アプサリ30-Sep-2022
果樹の総合的病害虫管理における広食性カブリダニの捕食特性と害虫防除効率との関係土田, 祐大; ツチダ, ユウタ16-Sep-2022