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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Neutrophil elastase inhibition ameliorates endotoxin-induced myocardial injury accompanying degradation of cardiac capillary glycocalyx福田, 哲也; フクタ, テツヤ19-Feb-2020
Long-Term Levocarnitine Ameliorates Left Ventricular Diastolic as Well as Systolic Dysfunction in Hemodialysis Patients ― Multi-Center Study ―内藤, 順子; ナイトウ, ジュンコ19-Feb-2020
Fluctuation of bacteria on bleb surface after trabeculectomy with adjunctive mitomycin C髙橋, 伸通; タカハシ, ノブミチ15-Jan-2020
A New Framework for Dynamic Traffic AssignmentYING, Jiang Qian; 應, 江黔2020
Promoting Public Transit Use by Information and Communication Technologies: Economic Mechanisms and a ProposalYING, Jiang Qian; 應, 江黔2020
「保健科」成立史の研究 (IV)近藤, 真庸; コンドウ, マヨノブ; KONDO, Mayonobu2020
On the Predictability of the Minimal English Test and the junior Minimal English TestMAKI, Hideki; LI, Xiang-Lin; マキ, ヒデキ; 牧, 秀樹; 李, 祥霖2020
The METs 4E3, 4E4, 4E5 and 6: Their Correlations with the English Section of the National Center Test for University Admissions 2018MAKI, Hideki; WU, Wen-Liang; JIN, Xiao-Yu; LI, Xiang-Lin; HASEBE, Megumi; TAGUCHI, Shigeki; OKU, Satoshi; UEDA, Yukiko; OCHI, Masao; NAGASUE, Kosuke; SEVIER, Michael; マキ, ヒデキ; ハセベ, メグミ; タグチ, シゲキ; オク, サトシ; ウエダ, ユキコ; オチ, マサオ; ナガスエ, コウスケ; セヴィエ, マイケル; 牧, 秀樹; 呉, 文亮; 靳, 暁雨; 李, 祥霖; 長谷部, めぐみ; 田口, 茂樹; 奥, 聡; 上田, 由紀子; 越智, 正男; 永末, 康介; セヴィエ, マイケル2020
Research on noise reduction based on mode estimation utilizing gaussian propertyTIAN YE; タ ノ31-Dec-2019
Non-floating two-phase clock adiabatic logic circuit:analysis and applicationHAN MEI; カン メイ31-Dec-2019
凍結防止剤の変更による鋼橋の腐食抑制効果の評価畑佐, 陽祐; ハタサ, ヨウスケ31-Dec-2019
スマートフォンを用いた路面平坦性の簡易診断手法の開発YILIGUOQI; イリゴクチ31-Dec-2019
Intraocular pressure change during laparoscopic sacral colpopexy in patients with normal tension glaucoma.守山, 洋司; モリヤマ, ヨウジ18-Dec-2019
Propofol But Not Desflurane Maintains Rat Cerebral Arteriolar Responses to Acetylcholine During Acute Hyperglycemia阪田, 耕治; サカタ, コウジ20-Nov-2019
Efficacy of contrast-enhanced EUS for lymphadenopathy: a prospective multicenter pilot study (with videos)吉田, 健作; ヨシダ, ケンサク20-Nov-2019
Behavior of fluidized particles and plasma in a DBD plasma-enhanced spouted bedZHANG, BAIQIANG; ズァン, バイチャン30-Sep-2019
セントラル給湯システムにおける金属配管材料の腐食防食に関する研究田中, 法幸; タナカ, ノリユキ30-Sep-2019
Fabrication and control of fast response dielectric elastomer actuators made with highly conducting and flexible compositesMULEMBO TITUS MURWA; ムーレンボウ タイタス ムルワ30-Sep-2019
Statistical assessment of long-term climate change impacts on hydrological componentsFERESHTEH GHIAMI-SHOMAMI; フェレシュテ ギオミー シュマミ30-Sep-2019
High-speed vibration control of a flexible manipulatorNJERI PAUL WAWERU; ニジェリ ポウル ワエル30-Sep-2019
マウス海馬由来HT22細胞における酸化ストレス誘発性傷害に対するブラジル産グリーンプロポリスの神経保護作用髙島, 麻都花; タカシマ, マドカ27-Sep-2019