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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Suppressive effects of the sodium‑glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor tofogliflozin on colorectal tumorigenesis in diabetic and obese mice加藤, 潤一; カトウ, ジュンイチ25-Mar-2020
Characterization of a BAC transgenic mouse expressing Krt19-driven iCre recombinase in its digestive organs金山, 知弘; カナヤマ, トモヒロ25-Mar-2020
Hilar and mediastinal sarcoid-like reaction after the treatment of malignant tumors: imaging features and natural course on 18F-FDG-PET/CT金子, 揚; カネコ, ヨウ25-Mar-2020
Development and validation of a scoring system for prediction of insulin requirement for optimal control of blood glucose during glucocorticoid treatments.川島, 実可子; カワシマ, ミカコ25-Mar-2020
The inhibition of NLRP3 signaling attenuates liver injury in an α-galactosylceramide-induced hepatitis model神戸, 歩; カンベ, アユム25-Mar-2020
Color-coded Imaging of the Fate of Cancer-cell-derived Exosomes During Pancreatic Cancer Metastases in a Nude-mouse Model佐竹, 智行; サタケ, トモユキ25-Mar-2020
Human Colorectal Cancer Infrastructure Constructed by the Glycocalyx館, 正仁; タチ, マサヒト25-Mar-2020
T2*-weighted MR imaging findings of giant cell tumors of bone: radiological-pathological correlation西堀, 弘記; ニシボリ, ヒロノリ25-Mar-2020
Time-course analysis of cardiac and serum galectin-3 in viral myocarditis after an encephalomyocarditis virus inoculation野口, 慶; ノグチ, ケイ25-Mar-2020
Endoscopic and pathological characteristics of Helicobacter pylori infection-negative early gastric cancer水谷, 拓; ミズタニ, タク25-Mar-2020
Riluzole enhances the anti-tumor effects of temozolomide via suppression of MGMT expression in glioblastoma山田, 哲也; ヤマダ, テツヤ25-Mar-2020
Factors enhancing serum syndecan-1 concentrations : a large-scale comprehensive medical examination小田, 和正; オダ, カズマサ25-Mar-2020
Immunologic Effects of Sirolimus in Patients With Vascular Anomalies.野澤, 明史; ノザワ, アキフミ25-Mar-2020
Improved cognitive apprenticeship clinical teaching after a faculty development Program小西, 恵理; コニシ, エリ25-Mar-2020
Good clinical teachers in pediatrics: the perspective of pediatricians in Japan西屋, 克己; ニシヤ, カツミ25-Mar-2020
Stability research of river embankment on soft ground using traditional reinforcement system in IndonesiaSUYUTI; スユティ25-Mar-2020
Vulnerability and connectivity evaluation of road network by topological analytics安藤, 宏恵; アンドウ, ヒロエ25-Mar-2020
コンクリートのひび割れがあと施工アンカーの引抜き挙動に与える影響の評価方法石原, 力也; イシハラ, リキヤ25-Mar-2020
Al-Steel異種金属摩擦攪拌接合継手の作製と機械的特性評価小川, 大介; オガワ, ダイスケ25-Mar-2020
地震災害におけるライフラインの機能的被害・復旧予測手法の開発加藤, 宏紀; カトウ, ヒロキ25-Mar-2020
塗布型陽極材を援用した鉄筋コンクリートの電気防食工法の開発神田, 利之; カンダ, トシユキ25-Mar-2020