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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Identification of Chemical Constituents and the Biological Activities from Thai Medicinal Plants and Mangrove-associated FungiSiwattra Choodej; シワトラ チュデジ21-Sep-2018
Effect of Dual Modification with Succinylation and Annealing on Properties of Corn StarchACHMAD RIDWAN ARIYANTORO; アフマド リドワン アリヤントロ21-Sep-2018
Kinetic Analysis of Freeze-thaw Stability of MayonnaiseISLAM MUHAMMAD SHARIFUL; イスラム ムハンマド シャリフル21-Sep-2018
Residential Area Modelling Using Cellular Automata with Estimated Water Resources - A Case Study in Darkhan, Mongolia -Mendbayar Otgonbayar; メンドバヤル オトゴンバヤル21-Sep-2018
The Effect of Temperature on Ascorbic Acid, Flavonoid, and Carotenoid Metabolism in Citrus Juice Sacs in vitroWitchulada Yungyuen; ウィチュラダ ユングユエン21-Sep-2018
Enhancement of Oligosaccharides and Identification of Freshness Marker Metabolite in Soybean SproutsDaimon Syukri; ダイモン シュクリ21-Sep-2018
Studies on Salinity Tolerance in Mycorrhizal Vegetable CropsSHIAM IBNA HAQUE; シム イナ ハック21-Sep-2018
細胞膜ドメインの構造および形成機構の解明を指向したガングリオシドプローブの創製河村, 奈緒子; コウムラ, ナオコ21-Sep-2018
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor use is associated with decreased colorectal neoplasia risk in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus receiving colonoscopy: a retrospective study堀部, 陽平; ホリベ, ヨウヘイ12-Sep-2018
Endothelium-dependent vasodilation in the cerebral arterioles of rats deteriorates during acute hyperglycemia and then is restored by reducing the glucose level鬼頭, 和裕; キトウ, カズヒロ12-Sep-2018
Enhanced dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in the dermis of porokeratosis松山, かなこ; マツヤマ, カナコ12-Sep-2018
GyrA and/or ParC alterations of Haemophilus influenzae strains isolated from the urethra of men with acute urethritis近藤, 啓美; コンドウ, ヒロミ12-Sep-2018
ChREBP-Knockout Mice Show Sucrose Intolerance and Fructose Malabsorption加藤, 丈博; カトウ, タケヒロ12-Sep-2018
ChREBP Rather Than SHP Regulates Hepatic VLDL Secretion丹羽, 啓之; ニワ, ヒロユキ12-Sep-2018
Presence of increased inflammatory infiltrates accompanied by activated dendritic cells in the left atrium in rheumatic heart diseaseSHIBA, Mikio; SUGANO, Yasuo; IKEDA, Yoshihiko; OKADA, Hideshi; NAGAI, Toshiyuki; ISHIBASHI-UEDA, Hatsue; YASUDA, Satoshi; OGAWA, Hisao; ANZAI, ToshihisaSep-2018
EUS-guided hybrid rendezvous technique as salvage for standard rendezvous with intrahepatic bile duct approachIWASHITA, Takuji; UEMURA, Shinya; YOSHIDA, Kensaku; MITA, Naoki; TEZUKA, Ryuichi; YASUDA, Ichiro; SHIMIZU, MasahitoAug-2018
Optical absorption spectra of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin-film solar cells by Fourier transform photocurrent spectroscopySYAZWANA, Abd Rahman Nur; TANABE, Kousei; YAMADA, Shigeru; ITOH, Takashi; NONOMURA, Shuichi; SUGIMOTO, Kanta; YAMADA, Akira19-Jul-2018
Short-period fluctuation and spatial distribution of solar irradiance under cloudsZHANG, Junfang; WATANABE, Kota; YOSHINO, Jun; KOBAYASHI, Tomonao; HISHIKAWA, Yoshihiro; DOI, Takuya19-Jul-2018
Physical process and statistical properties of solar irradiance enhancement observed under cloudsZHANG, Junfang; WATANABE, Kota; YOSHINO, Jun; KOBAYASHI, Tomonao; HISHIKAWA, Yoshihiro; DOI, Takuya19-Jul-2018
Odor preference and olfactory memory are impaired in Olfaxin-deficient miceSAIFUL ISLAM; サイフル イスラム18-Jul-2018
In vivo reprogramming drives Kras-induced cancer development柴田, 博史; シバタ, ヒロフミ18-Jul-2018