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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Leaching behavior of trace elements from fly ashes and development of the leaching inhibitorFARRAH FADHILLAH HANUM; ファラ ファディラ ハヌム25-Mar-2019
Synthesis of binary oxide and oxynitride photocatalysts using metal complex precursorsAMELIA AMIR; アメリア アミール25-Mar-2019
Trapping probability of strangeness via Xi- hyperon capture at rest in nuclear emulsionAYE MOH MOH THEINT; エ モ モ テイン25-Mar-2019
Codes for improving lifetime, speed, and reliability of flash memories山脇, 章; ヤマワキ, アキラ25-Mar-2019
分子間相互作用を制御した超分子色素増感太陽電池藤本, 准子; フジモト, ジュンコ25-Mar-2019
Fate and behavior of antibiotic resistance genes and their relations with microbial profiles during vermicomposting of excess activated sludgeCUI GUANGYU; ツウイ グワーンユイ25-Mar-2019
Macroscopic evaluation of traffic control effects on urban transport networkSEHAM MOHAMED HASSAN HEMDAN; セハム モハマド ハッサン ヘムダン25-Mar-2019
冷間鍛造におけるリン酸亜鉛潤滑被膜のトライボ特性の温度依存性加田, 修; カダ, オサム25-Mar-2019
立体網状スパイラル構造排水材を用いた戸建て既設住宅のスマート液状化対策工法の研究・開発吉原, 孝保; ヨシハラ, タカヤス25-Mar-2019
The Intestine Responds to Heart Failure by Enhanced Mitochondrial Fusion through Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Signaling成瀬, 元気; ナルセ, ゲンキ25-Mar-2019
Validation by Cardiac Catheterization of Noninvasive Estimation of Time Constant of Left Ventricular Pressure Decline as an Index of Relaxation by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography吉眞, 孝; ヨシザネ, タカシ25-Mar-2019
Vascular wall components in thrombi obtained by acute stroke thrombectomy: clinical significance and related factors船津, 奈保子; フナツ, ナオコ25-Mar-2019
Analysis of cancer cells, stromal cells, and recombinant cancer-stromal cells in the metastatic tumor microenvironment. (1) Genetic Recombination Between Stromal and Cancer Cells Results in Highly Malignant Cells Identified by Color-Coded Imaging in a Mouse Lymphoma Model. (2) Color-coded Imaging Distinguishes Cancer Cells, Stromal cells, and Recombinant Cancer-Stromal cells in the Tumor Microenvironment During Metastasis.中村, みき; ナカムラ, ミキ25-Mar-2019
Synergistic effects of vemurafenib and fingolimod(FTY720)in vemurafenib-resistant melanoma cell lines髙橋, 智子; タカハシ, トモコ25-Mar-2019
Association between exposure to household smoking and dental caries in preschool children: a cross-sectional study後藤, 憂子; ゴトウ, ユウコ25-Mar-2019
CD151 confers metastatic potential to clear cell sarcoma of the soft tissue in animal model川島, 啓佑; カワシマ, ケイスケ25-Mar-2019
The feasibility of dedicated breast PET for the assessment of residual tumor after neoadjuvant chemotherapy子安, 裕美; コヤス, ヒロミ25-Mar-2019
Rac Regulates the TRAP-Induced Release of Phosphorylated-HSP27 from Human Platelets via p38 MAP Kinase but Not JNK植松, 幸大; ウエマツ, コウダイ25-Mar-2019
Overexpression of KIF11 in Gastric Cancer with Intestinal Mucin Phenotype今井, 健晴; イマイ, タケハル25-Mar-2019
展示飼育下のアカキツネにおける繁殖成績の向上に関する研究谷津, 實; ヤツ, ミノル13-Mar-2019
日本国内で流行した馬コロナウイルスの分子疫学及び浸潤状況に関する研究尾宇江, 康啓; オウエ, ヤスヒロ13-Mar-2019