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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Studies on Gut Microbiota Function in Sex Hormone-Mediated Mental Disorders Using Mouse ModelsWatcharin, SOVIJIT; ワッチャリン, ソビチット20-Sep-2019
Study on the Effect of Sugar Cane Extract Supplementation on Ovarian and Adrenal Function under Stress in Female RatsMeihua, ZHENG; メイファ, ジョン20-Sep-2019
Studies on Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on Yeast Cells and Application to Industrial Yeast for Developing New Methods濱田, 和広; ハマダ, カズヒロ20-Sep-2019
Evaluation of the Activity of Renin Angiotensin System and Effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity on the System Leading to Cardiovascular DiseasesJobaida, Akther; ジョバイダ, アクタ20-Sep-2019
Studies on the Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Small Interfering RNAs with Halide-based Overhang Nucleobases and Branching StructuresAkash, Chandela; アカシュ, チャンデラ20-Sep-2019
Research on Cause of Dam Failure under Viewpoint of Hydraulic FracturingTRAN DUY GUAN; トラン ドゥイ クワン20-Sep-2019
The Effect of Grazing on Cattle Health: Evaluation Using Physiological, Nutritional, Immunological, and Behavioral Parameters中嶋, 紀覚; ナカジマ, ノリアキ20-Sep-2019
Effect of acceleration of auditory inputs on the primary somatosensory cortex in humans杉山, 俊介; スギヤマ, シュンスケ10-Sep-2019
The long-term outcome of trabeculotomy: comparison with filtering surgery in JapanBAO, WENJUN; ホウ, ブンクン10-Sep-2019
AtALMT1のアルミニウム誘導を制御する転写因子STOP1内部の調節領域に関する研究伊藤, 弘樹; イトウ, ヒロキ30-Jun-2019
Therapeutic potential of CPI-613 for targeting tumorous mitochondrial energy metabolism and inhibiting autophagy in clear cell sarcoma江河, 勇樹; エガワ, ユウキ19-Jun-2019
Increased plasma adenosine concentration in the subacute phase may contribute to attenuation of left ventricular dilation in the chronic phase in patients with acute myocardial infarction畑佐, 匡紀; ハタサ, マサノリ19-Jun-2019
(Pro)renin Receptor Blockade Ameliorates Heart Failure Caused by Chronic Kidney Disease吉田, 明弘; ヨシダ, アキヒロ15-May-2019
Expression of TMEM207 in Colorectal Cancer: Relation between TMEM207 and Intelectin-1前田, 健一; マエダ, ケンイチ15-May-2019
Dissociation between 11C-methionine-PET and Gd-MRI in the longitudinal features of Glioblastoma after postoperative radiotherapy川崎, 智弘; カワサキ, トモヒロ17-Apr-2019
Postoperative outcome of three different procedures for childhood glaucomaHUANG, HAILONG; コウ, カイリュウ17-Apr-2019
Possible role of p53/Mieap-regulated mitochondrial quality control as a tumor suppressor in human breast cancerSIQINGAOWA; スチンゴワ; Siqin, Gaowa17-Apr-2019
DEAD-Box Protein RNA-Helicase DDX6 Regulates the Expression of HER2 and FGFR2 at the Post-Transcriptional Step in Gastric Cancer Cells田尻下, 敏弘; タジリカ, トシヒロ17-Apr-2019
窒素代謝経路の転写増加を介したSTOP1制御下の多面ストレス耐性に関する研究榎本, 拓央; エノモト, タクオ31-Mar-2019
Molecular Mechanism of Al Inducible Malate Excretion of Arabidopsis thalianaWU, LIUJIE; ゴ, リュウケツ31-Mar-2019
Tyrosinase Inhibitory Active Components Contained in Bangladesh Medicinal Plants and Elucidation of the Inhibition MechanismMohammad Nuruzzaman Masum; モハマド ヌルジャマン マスム31-Mar-2019