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Title :土構造物の性能設計とリスク評価・管理及び社会制度に関する総合的研究
Authors :本城, 勇介
Issue Date :Mar-2007
Table of contents :52-76p: Honjo Y., Some movements toward establishing comprehensive structural design codes based on performance-based specification concept in Japan. Taipei 2006 International Symposium.
78-85p: Honjo Y. et al., Engineering problems for performance-based design of earth structures. Taipei 2006 International Symposium.
86-99p: Horikoshi K. et al., New trend toward performance-based design in the construction industry. Taipei 2006 International Symposium.
100-111p: Kobayashi S. et al., An essay on typification of verification methods used in the design procedure of geotechnical structures. Taipei 2006 International Symposium.
112-118p: Suzuki M. et al., Probabilistic uncertainties in estimating the vertical bearing resistance of piles. Taipei 2006 International Symposium.
Abstract :平成17年度-平成18年度科学研究費補助金 (基盤研究(B) 一般 地盤工学 課題番号17360222) 研究成果報告書
Type Local :研究報告書
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