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Title :鳥類をモデルとした糖代謝異常および糖毒性発症機序の解析
Authors :椎名, 貴彦
志水, 泰武
Issue Date :Mar-2007
Table of contents :Fararh K. M. et al., Mechanisms of the hypoglycaemic and immunopotentiating effects of Nigella sativa L. oil streptozotocin-induced diabetic hamsters. Research in Veterinary Science . 2004 77: 123-129
El-Mahmoudy A. et al., Successful abrogation by thymoquinone against induction of diabetes mellitus with streptozocin via nitric oxide inhibitory mechanism. International Immunopharmacology. 2005 5: 195-207
Shiina T. et al., A Comparative Histological Study on the Distribution of Striated and Smooth Muscles and Glands in the Esophagus of Wild Birds and Mammals. Journal of Veterinany medical science. 2005 67: 115-117
El-Mahmoudy A. et al., Macrophage-derived cytokine and nitric oxide profiles in type I and type Ⅱdiabetes mellitus: effect of thymoquinone . Acta Diabetol. 2005 42:23-30
Khalifa M. et al., An electrophysiological study of excitatory purinergic neuromuscular transmission in longitudinal smooth muscle of chicken anterior mesenteric artery. British Journal of Pharmacology. 2005 144: 830-839
Fararh K. M. et al., Thymoquinone reduces hepatic glucose production in diabetic hamsters. Research in Veterinary Science . 2005 79: 219-223
Shinozaki K. et al., A neurophysiological evidence of capsaicin-sensitive nerve components innervating interscapular brown adipose tissue. Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical. 2005 119: 16-24
Shiina T. et al., Measurement of the propelled liquid by isolated hamster ileum as a parameter to evaluate peristalsis. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2005 517: 120-126
Draid M. et al., Neurally released ATP mediates endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization in the circular smooth muscle cells of chicken anterior mesenteric artery. British Journal of Pharmacology. 2005 146: 983-989
Shiina T. et al., Tachykinins are involved in local reflex modulation of vagally mediated striated muscle contractions in the rat esophagus via tachykinn NK1 receptors. Neuroscience. 2006 139: 495-503
El-Mahmoudy A. et al., NANC inhibitory neuromuscular transmission in the hamster distal colon . Pharmacological Research. 2006 54: 452-460
Boudaka A. et al., Involvement of TRPV1-dependent and -independent components in the regulation of vagally induced contractions in the mouse esophagus. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2007 556: 157-165
Shiina T. et al., Purinergic control of the quail rectum: Modulation of adenosine 5'-triphosphate-mediated contraction with acetylcholine. Research in Veterinary Science . 2007 82: 246-251
Boudaka A. et al., Key Role of Mucosal Primary Afferents in Mediating the Inhibitory Influence of Capsaicin on Vagally Mediated Contractions in the Mouse Esophagus. Journal of Veterinany medical science. 2007 69: 365-372
Abstract :平成16年度-平成18年度科学研究費補助金 (基盤研究(C) 一般 基礎獣医学・基礎畜産学 課題番号16580238) 研究成果報告書
Type Local :研究報告書
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