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Title :広い構造空間における新しい蛋白質概念の確立とその応用
Authors :桑田, 一夫
Issue Date :2004
Table of contents :15-21p: Kuwata K. et al., Locally Disordered Conformer of the Hamster Prion Protein: A Crucial Intermediate tp PrPSc?. Biochemistry. 2002 41: 12277-12283
22-28p: 桑田一夫. プリオン病の構造医学. 蛋白質 核酸 酵素. 2002 47(10): 1292-1298
29-34p: 赤坂一之. 新しいタンパク質構造の世界をひらく高圧NMR. 生物物理. 2002 42(5): 206-211
35-39p: Kuwata K., An Emerging Concept of Biomolecular Dynamics and Function: Applications of NMR & MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences. 2002 1(1): 27-31
40-59p: Kitahara R. et al., Equilibrium and Pressure-jump Relaxation Studies of the Conformational Transitions of P13MTCP1. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2002 320: 609-628
60-69p: Niraula T. N. et al., Decreased Thermodynamic Stability as a Polyneuropathy. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2002 320: 333-342
70-78p: Kitahara R. et al., High Pressure NMR Reveals that Apomyoglobin is an Equilibrium Mixture from the Native to the Unfolded. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2002 320: 311-319
79-84p: Kitahara R. et al., Close identity of a pressure-stabilized intermediate with a kinetic intermediate in protein folding. PNAS. 2003 100(6): 3167-3172
85-93p: Refaee M. et al., Pressure-dependent Changes in the Solution Structure of Hen Egg-white Lysozyme. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2003 327: 857-865
94-100p: Lassalle M. W. et al., Pressure-induced unfolding of the molten globule of all-Ala α-lactalbumin. Protein Science. 2003 12: 66-72
101-109p: Williamson M. P. et al., The solution structure of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor at high pressure. Protein Science. 2003 12: 1971-1979
110-114p: Niraula T. N. et al., Pressure-dissociable reversible assembly of intrinsically denatured lysozyme is a precursor for amyloid fibrils. PNAS. 2004 101(12): 4089-4093
115-125p: Hattori M. et al., Infrequent cavity-forming fluctuations in HPr from Staphylococcus carnosus revealed by pressure- and temperature-dependent tyrosine ring flips. Protein Science. 2004 13: 3104-3114
126-129p: 桑田一夫. たんぱく質の”かたち”の変貌と神経変性疾患. 日本医事新報. 2003 4123: 19-22
130-134p: Tomida M. et al., Development of a High-Level Expression System for Deuterium-Labeled Human Serum Albumin. Japanese Journal of Physiology. 2003 53(1): 65-69
135-140p: Kuwata K. et al., NMR-detected hydrogen exchange and molecular dynamics simulations provide structual insight into fibril formation of prion protein fragment 106-126. PNAS. 2003 100(25): 14790-14795
141-148p: Kuwata K. et al., Slow Conformational Dynamics in the Hamster Prion Protein. Biochemistry. 2004 43: 4439-4446
149-151p: 桑田一夫. プリオン中間体と治療薬開発 分子感染機構と創薬制御. 蛋白質 核酸 酵素. 2004 49(7): 1110-1112
167-175p: 桑田一夫. 素数とプリオン. 数理科学. 2005 499: 45-53
193p: (新聞記事) プリオン研究本格化. 2004年9月28日
194p: (新聞記事) 人と動物の伝染病3学部連携で撃退. 読売新聞. 2004年9月1日
194p: (新聞記事) きょう岐阜大にオープン 人獣感染防御研究センター. 毎日新聞. 2004年9月1日
195p: (新聞記事) 新薬開発へ岐阜大本腰.
Abstract :平成14年度-平成16年度年度科学研究費補助金 (基盤研究(B)(1) 課題番号14380314) 研究成果報告書
Type Local :研究報告書
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