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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Effect of Long-term Management and Volcano Eruption on the Morphology and Properties of Red Soils in Lampung, Southern Sumatra, IndonesiaDidin Wiharso; ディディン ウィハルソ17-Sep-2021
Recycling of Waste Food by High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Treatment and the Application of Recycled ProductsYU TONGHUAN; ユ トンファン17-Sep-2021
The Effect of Wood Flour Characteristics by Different Filler Fabrication Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Wood Plastic CompositesARIF DELVIAWAN; アリフ デルフィアワン17-Sep-2021
A Study on Adaptation Strategies for Drought on Rainfed Farmland in Jawa, IndonesiaMuhamad Khoiru Zaki; ムハマド コイル ザキ17-Sep-2021
Numerical Analysis on the Hydraulic Characteristics of Piano Key WeirLE ANH TUAN; レ アン トウアン17-Sep-2021
Gray Matter Volume Differences between Transgender Men and Cisgender Women: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study深尾, 琢; フカオ, タク8-Sep-2021
Identification of distinct loci for de novo DNA methylation by DNMT3A and DNMT3B during mammalian development蒲田, 未央; カバタ, ミオ8-Sep-2021
Influence of national culture on mentoring relationship: a qualitative study of Japanese physician-scientists尾原, 晴雄; オバラ, ハルオ21-Jul-2021
Tramadol enhances PGF2α-stimulated osteoprotegerin synthesis in osteoblasts.金, 優(花井, 優); キン, ユウ(ハナイ, ユウ)21-Jul-2021
Electromyography(EMG) signal mapping and analysis based on upper-limb motion for controlling robotic armPRINGGO WIDYO LAKSONO; プリンゴ ウィジョ ラクソノ30-Jun-2021
Assessing Wind Damage Risk of Vietnam Timber Plantations with Integrating Physical Stabilities of Trees and Aerodynamics in Complex TopographyNGUYEN TRONG MINH; グエン チョン ミン30-Jun-2021
αシヌクレインによるプリオン蛋白質の異常化抑制機構山下, 敬; ヤマシタ, サトシ25-Jun-2021
言語の数理解析清水, 純; シミズ, ジュン25-Jun-2021
Total hip arthroplasty using a three-dimensional porous titanium acetabular cup: an examination of micromotion using subject-specific finite element analysis宮川, 貴樹; ミヤガワ, タカキ16-Jun-2021
Two-stage Portal Vein Ligation Facilitates Liver Regeneration Safely in Rats with Liver Cirrhosis栃井, 航也; トチイ, コウヤ16-Jun-2021
放課後子ども事業の現状と課題 : 名古屋市「トワイライトスクール」・「トワイライトルーム」の取組小川, 夏海; ぎふ地域学校協働活動センター; [オガワ, ナツミ]; ギフ チイキ ガッコウ キョウドウ カツドウ センターJun-2021
Cupriavidus necator NH9株のゲノム情報に基づく芳香族塩素化合物分解に関する遺伝学的研究森内, 良太; モリウチ, リョウタ31-Mar-2021
Effect of Vibratory Stimulation Generated during Mastication on Texture Perception of Rice CrackersWANG XUANPENG; オウ センホウ31-Mar-2021
The Suspended Sediment Characteristics of Brook-type Rivers from Two Small Catchments with Different Main Vegetation CoversDiana Hapsari; ダイアナ ハプサリ31-Mar-2021
ホウレンソウおよびキャベツの鮮度指標となる揮発性化合物の探索曽我, 綾香; ソガ, アヤカ31-Mar-2021
Exploring the Role of the Microbiota Member Bifidobacterium in Modulating Gamma Amino Butyric Acid ProductionHend Essam Amin Mohamed Altaib; ヘンダ イサム アミン モハメド アルタイブ31-Mar-2021