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Title :低リン酸耐性植物の作出戦略 : クエン酸放出能力の強化と根圏でのリン酸可溶化制御
Authors :小山, 博之
Issue Date :Mar-2007
Table of contents :Ohtomo R. et al., Quantification of polyphosphate: different sensitivities to sort-chain polyphosphate using enzymatic and colorimetric methods as revealed by ion chromatography. Analytical Biochemistry. 2004 328: 139-146
Ezawa T. et al., Rapid accumulation of polyphosphate in extradical hyphae of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus as revealed by histochemistry and a polyphosphate kinase/luciferase system. New Phytologist. 2003 161: 387-392
Ohno T. et al., Characterization of Citrate Transport through the Plasma Membrane in a Carrot Mutant Cell Line with Enhanced Citrate Excretion. Plant Cell Physiol. 2003 44: 156-162
Suzuki Y. et al., Extraction of Total RNA from Leaves of Eucalyptus and other Woody and Herbaceous Plants Using Sodium Isoascorbate. Bio Techniques. 2003 34(5): 988-992
Suzuki Y. et al., RNA isolation from siliques, dry seeds, and other tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana. Bio Techniques. 2004 37(4): 542
Ohno T. et al., Molecular characterization of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in a carrot mutant cell line with enhanced citrate excretion. Physiologia Plantarum. 2004 122: 265-274
Kobayashi Y. et al., Quantitative trait loci controlling aluminium tolerance in two accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana(Landsberg erecta and Cape Verde Islands). Plant, Cell and Environment. 2005 28: 1516-1524
Ezawa T. et al., A New Hypothesis on the Strategy for Acquisition of Phosphorus in Arbuscular Mycorrhiza: Up-Regulation of Secreted Acid Phosphatase Gene in the Host Plant. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 2005 18: 1046-1053
Kihara T. et al., Simple Identification of Transgenic Arabidopsis Plants Carrying a Single Copy of the Integrated Gene. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.,. 2006 70: 1780-1783
Hoekenga O. et al., AtALMT1,which encodes a malate transporter, is identified as one of several genes critical for aluminum tolerance in Arabidopsis. Pnas. 2006 103: 9738-9743
Abstract :平成15年度-平成18年度科学研究費補助金 (基盤研究(B) 一般 植物栄養学・土壌学 課題番号15380050) 研究成果報告書
Type Local :研究報告書
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