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Title :有用微生物間の相互作用と植物における生体防御機構の解明
Authors :百町, 満朗
Issue Date :Mar-2007
Table of contents :百町満朗. 生物防除エージェントとしての植物生育促進菌類. 温故知新. 2005 42: 29-35
百町満朗[ほか]. 植物生育促進菌類を用いたバイオコントロール. 植物病の探求. 2004:124-129
Hyakumachi M. et al., Fungi as Plant Growth Promoter and Disease Suppressor. Mycology Series. 2004 21: 101-110
Hyakumachi M. et al., Biological Control of Plant Diseases by Plant Growth Promoting Fungi. Proceeding of the International Seminar on Biological Control of Soilborne Plant Diseases. 2004:87-123
Kubota M. et al., Influence of Root Exudates from Cucumis sativus and Daucus carota on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization. Journal of Oleo Science. 2004 53(4): 207-210
Kubota M. et al., Morphology and colonization preference of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Clethra barbinervis, Cucumis sativus, and Lycopersicon esculentum. Mycoscience. 2004 45: 206-213
Chandanie W. A. et al., Interaction between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Glomus mosseae and Plant Growth Promoting Fungus Phoma sp. On their Root Colonization and Disease Suppression of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Ann.Report Interdiscipl.Res.Inst.Environ.Sci.. 2005 24: 91-102
Chandanie W. A. et al., Interaction between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae and plant growth promoting fungus Phoma sp. On their root colonization and growth promotion of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Mycoscience. 2005 46: 201-204
Kubota M. et al., Co-occurrence of Arum- and Paris-type morphologies of arbuscular mycorrhizae in cucumber and tomato. Mycorrhiza. 2005 15: 73-77
Shivanna M. B. et al., Promotion of Growth and Yield in Cucumber by Zoysiagrass Rhizosphere Fungi. Microbes Environ.. 2005 20(1): 34-40
Chandanie W. A. et al., Interactions between plant frowth promoting fungi and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae and induction of systemic resistance to anthracnose disease in cucumber. Plant Soil. 2006 286: 209-217
Horinouchi H. et al., Fusarium equiseti GF191 as an effective biocontrol agent against Fusarium crown and root rot of tomato in rock wool systems. Crop Protection. 2007 26(10): 1514-1523
久保田真弓. 植物とアーバスキュラー菌根菌の共生戦略と生体防御. 根の研究(Root Research). 2006 15(3): 111-118
Abstract :平成16年度-平成18年度科学研究費補助金 (基盤研究(B) 一般 植物病理学 課題番号16380035) 研究成果報告書
Type Local :研究報告書
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