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Title :七五調の朗読と日本語のリズム : 「休止を置かない」朗読について
Title alternative :Reading aloud of HAIKU and the Japanese Rhythm : In the case of reading aloud without a pause between phrases
Authors :橋本, 慎吾
Issue Date :Feb-2000
citation :岐阜大学留学生センター紀要 = Bulletin of the International Student Center Gifu University
Abstract :The term 2 morae unit is often used when linguists discuss the Japanese rhythm. The 5-7-5 syllable HAIKU is also analyzed by this term. In this case, a pause between each phrase is regarded as a feature of the unit (5[p]7[p]5[p]), and the 5-7-5 unit becomes an even-numbered sequence. However HAIKU is usually read aloud like 5[p]75, which means that there is no pause between the second and the third phrases. In this paper, the following hypothesis is discussed: ln the reading of HAIKU without the second pause, the 2 morae unit tends to be placed at the end of the second phrase. In order to demonstrate this hypothesis, the reading of HAIKU in a TV program is analysed. The three standards of rhythm analysis adopted here are: (1) an automatic rhythm segmentation, (2) a rhythm segmentation for the semantic consideration, (3) control of the pronunciation possibility. In the last standard, the possibility means that a dephthongized mora or a vowel devoicing mora functions as an adjacent consonant of a syllable. The finding of this analysis is that the case of reading without a pause increases according to the order of the above mentioned (1) < (2) < (3). So does the percentage of the case of the unit 2 at the end of the second phrase by the same order. This means that there is a little relation between the control of pronunciation possibility and the reading of HAIKU without a pause.
Type Local :紀要論文
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